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The production of our Ibérico products is carried out with our experience and respect for artisan methods, using traditional recipes that are often hundreds of years old. We also follow the latest technological innovations and health measures that guarantee the traceability of all products as required nowadays. 
A short salting time with sea salt from the wet salt marsh of Torrevieja and San Pedro on the Mediterranean sea is a critical part of the delicate process. Only by monitoring this process carefully can each piece achieve the perfect flavour and aroma.

Inside the walls of our drying rooms and natural cellars, the long permanence (between 18 months and 26 months) is the end of the slow maturing process.

By opening and closing the windows manually, the cold winds of Sierra de Gredos and Béjar are controlled to get a natural ventilation system that ensures the ideal temperature to mature and cure each piece. This is exactly the same way as it has always been done.

Whereas our hams are cured at the ideal temperature that is achieved by the mercy of the cold winds in winter, the healthy intra-muscular fat melts and infiltrates the meat thanks to the warm temperatures in the short, hot summers. In the natural cellars, with the average temperature and regular humidity, the Ibérico ham rests to mature for months until finally reaching your table.